Educational Programs

YÉOL’s educational programs on traditional Korean culture include the YÉOL Lecture for non-Koreans that is conducted in English, domestic and overseas field trips to historical sites, museum tours, and the historical walking tour of Seoul. Our educational programs are updated every year. To encourage young people’s involvement in traditional Korean culture, YÉOL provides the “Young YÉOL Program” that includes cultural heritage trips and lectures.

YÉOL organizes a walking tour of Seoul that allows participants to experience corner by corner cultures and histories layered through past, present, and future.

2022 서울 역사 산책 – ‘공예, 시간과 경계를 넘다’ 展(서울공예박물관) / ‘히토슈타이얼-데이터의 바다’, '나 너의 기억'展(국립현대미술관)작성일   2022-07-13