At YÉOL, we pride in the beauty of our cultural heritage, and vow to preserve and cherish it for generations to come. We appreciate the support we receive from our supporters and hope more people will join us in our efforts.

YÉOL provides a variety of educational programs and benefits to our supporters.

Monthly Sponsor
Donation of \20,000
· Receive YÉOL newsletter
· participation in YÉOL educational
  programs including English lectures,
  special lectures, historic walking
  tours, and cultural excursions
· Invitation to special exhibitions
 and events by YÉOL or YÉOL sponsor
· YÉOL Mom (sponsors with young
 children), Donation of \20,000
· Young YÉOL (20s and 30s
 sponsors), Donation of \10,000
· YÉOL Junior (youth sponsors),
  Donation of \10,000
Lifetime Sponsor
Donation of \3,000,000
· Eligible for all the benefits
 of Monthly Sponsor
· Early reservation to programs
 with limited space
· Invitation to YÉOL special events
 for Lifetime Sponsor
· 5% discounts on YÉOL craftworks
Corporate Sponsor
Donation of \10,000,000
· Eligible for all the benefits
 of Lifetime Sponsor
· Invitation to YÉOL Gala Dinner
· Promotion on all YÉOL publications
  online or offline
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If you wish to become a sponsor, please download the form below and send it to YÉOL or call. (contact: 02-735-5878)
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Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsor