Greetings from the Chair

One step closer to our cultural heritage

Back in the mid-1990s, one of the things I was most disappointed with when guiding guests from abroad around Korea was the crudeness of informatin signs at cultural heritage sites. In 2002, the YÉOL Korean Heritage Preservation Society started out as a small nonprofit organization with the simple goal of improving the signage at cultural sites. Since then, YÉOL has been able to achieve many important feats thanks to the participation of many who identify with the ideals embodied within its name.

Aside from supporting a wide range of conservation efforts, including the preservation of the Ulju Bangudae Petroglyphs and restoration of the Royal Altar of Sajikdan, YÉOL works to support traditional artisans and to discover and sponsor young craftsmen whose work is inspired by traditional artistry. We have provided support to traditional artisans since 2006, leading to the “Buyeo: the Sprouting of Regional Arts and Culture” project. In 2013, we awarded the first YÉOL Artisan of the Year Award and YÉOL Young Craftsman of the Year Award to nurture the creation of new traditions inspired by past heritage.

One of YÉOL’s key priorities is in raising awareness of our cultural heritage. We believe in the saying, “To love is better than to know, but to enjoy is better than to love.” Our field trips to heritage sites and educational programs help us rediscover and enjoy our cultural heritage. Our lecture series, ongoing since 2003, is also part of our efforts to invite both Koreans and foreigners residing in Korea into our rich cultural history.

I invite you to step closer, to feel and immerse yourself in the precious treasures bequeathed upon us by our ancestors. You may find yourself enchanted.

We hope to accompany you as your guide.

Kim Young M’Young
YÉOL Korean Heritage Preservation Society