[LECTURE] 2016 YÉOL December Lecture- The Korean Paepi, Hallyu 3.0 and the Future of the Creative Economy작성일   2016-11-28

[YÉOL 2016 December Lecture] The Korean Paepi, Hallyu 3.0 and the Future of the Creative Economy


Lecturer: Dr. Michael Hurt                                                      

Photographer and Assistant Professor at Hanguk University of Foreign Studies



Much attention has been paid to the “Korean Wave”. As we move past the first two parts of it — film and music — the question becomes one of what the next step might be. As talk continues of “Korean Wave 3.0”, and attention turns to food and fashion, Hurt postulates that the next big part of the wave will not be defined from the top-down, but by the parts of Korean culture that are not so easy to package, commercialize, and sell. In his research, it is in Korean street fashion culture that much of what the government is now emphasizing as part of fostering a “creative economy” can be found, in the dynamic street fashion culture that has grown from Seoul’s fast fashion infrastructure, now manifesting as the young fashion icons now called the “pae-pi”, or the Korean pronunciation of the English words for “fashion people.” Korea’s own indigenous “fashion tribe” is now receiving international attention and the word in the fashion world is that the real beating heart of Korean fashion culture does not lie in the haughty world of the high fashion runways, but rather on the streets of Seoul, in its back alleys and hip areas, where a new definition of “creativity “is being forged.

Dr. Michael W. Hurt is a photographer and a professor living in Seoul, Korea. He received his doctoral degree from UC Berkeley's Department of Comparative Ethnic Studies and also started the first street fashion blog in South Korea in 2006, having covered Seoul Fashion Week and the Korean streets since 2007. He is also an author of The Seoul Fashion Report, the first photo book about Korean street and runway fashion, while also running an online magazine extension of the book. He is as an assistant professor at the Hanguk University of Foreign Studies teaching both Marketing and other culture courses, and continues shooting the streets of Seoul and its fashions. He has also lectured in Visual Sociology and The Sociology of Popular Culture at both Yonsei and Korea University.











Education room (1st floor), Seoul Museum of History

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December 5th, 2016 (Mon)

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