[LECTURE] 2016 YÉOL April lecture- Where Do We Live in the Future?작성일   2016-03-21

Where Do We Live in the Future?

Lecturer: Doojin Hwang

Director, Doojin Hwang Architects


In the lecture, Doojin will discuss how he came to develop his ideas for the new book, which was immediately greeted with numerous book reviews and interviews by major news media in Korea. The current residential architecture in Korea is torn between two extremes; high-rise apartments (the majority of which are actually condominiums) on one had and suburban type, low-density single family houses on the other. The concept of mixed use buildings is still under-developed, if not entirely non-existent. He proposes, as an alternative, a new architectural idea for the future of Korean cities: a mid-rise, high density, mixed-use typology, which he dubs ‘rainbow cake architecture’, obviously inspired by Korean traditional rice cake with layers of different colours.

He will also give a tour of Seochon area on May 2nd, which he thinks is a birthplace of many of the ideas for the book and where he personally lives and works in his own ‘rainbow cake architecture’, the Magnolia Court.

The lecture and the tour related to it will offer unique opportunities in first-hand encounter with one of Korea’s most prolific architects. Both the lecture and the tour will be given in English.

Doojin Hwang’s career as an architect is rooted in the historic centre of Seoul, the ‘Belly of Alleys’, as he calls it. He and his firm, Doojin Hwang Architects, have completed more than 100 projects with a wide range of sizes and programs since 2000, including a number of Hanoks, either renovated or newly built.

Despite his popular fame as an architect with keen interests in tradition and history, Doojin has always been a quintessential urbanite and has been involved in dealing with urban issues both in his design works and writing. The year 2015 saw him publishing his fourth book, titled ‘Rainbow Cake Architecture’, breaking his 8-year hiatus as a writer since his previous book, ‘Hanok Is Back’.





Education room (1st floor), Seoul Museum of History

55 Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Date and Time

April 4th, 2016 (Mon)

11:30 A.M. to 13:00 P.M



Lunch Fee (optional)

10,000 Won (Sandwich & drink)

* Reservation for lunch is required.

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* Wire transfer to KEB a/c#631-000503-181 (YÉOL) or at the venue in cash

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