[LECTURE] 2014 December lecture작성일   2014-11-24

Social Integration in a Multi-ethnic Society

Lecturer: Ki-Soo Eun

Associate Professor, Sociology and Korean Studies at Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University

Following the first demographic transition to low fertility and mortality, and the second demographic transition to changing lifestyle in love, sex, marriage and divorce, we have entered the era of the third demographic transition to diversifying race and ethnicity in a society by increasing transnational migration at the global level. It is not escapable any more for us to live in a multi-ethnic environment in the 21st century Korea.

On the other hand, nationalism based on strong sense of one nation in a society is still vigorous in most countries. East Asian countries of Korea, Japan and China have witnessed the rise of nationalism after they have achieved modernization and economic development. Nationalism has affected not only international relations in this region where tensions and conflicts coming from territorial disputes and history war are growing, but also private sphere of love and marriage in daily life at the individual level.

Are we Koreans ready to accept that Korean society moves to multi-ethnic environment? Who do we call Koreans under which conditions? How do we deal with foreigners and strangers who are living together with us in daily life? Are we fully open our minds to them as neighbors, co-workers or new family members? How tolerant are we towards people of different color and ethnicity? The future of Korean society must rest on building ethnically integrated society in the 21st century.

Ki-Soo Eun, Associate Professor of Sociology and Korean Studies at Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University, was educated at Seoul National University and the University of Pennsylvania in the US. He had worked for Academy of Korean Studies from 1996 to 2004 as assistant and associate professor of sociology. After moving to Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University in 2004, he has conducted research on low fertility and aging, transnational migration, changing family values, economic crisis and family change and time-use studies. He is involved in Comparative Asian Family Survey project with Asian family scholars from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, and Qatar. At Seoul National University, he teaches Modernization and Transformation of Korean Society, Transnational Migration and Immigration Policy, and Comparative Methodology.





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