[LECTURE] 2015 November lecture: Kimchi making class작성일   2014-10-22

Kimchi Making Class:

Lecture on Kimchi and Kimchi making demonstration

Lecturer: Jia Choi

President, O'ngo Food Communications, PH.D in Korean Food Culture


Basically, a Korean meal consists of rice, Banchan (side dishes) and soup or stew. Kimchi is a representative Banchan and Napa cabbage Kimchi is the most popular type of Kimchi in Korea. Cabbage Kimchi can be eaten fresh, like a salad but the best part of Kimchi is its versatility. You can use cabbage Kimchi to make five or six different dishes such as Kimchi stir-fried rice, Kimchi stew, Kimchi dumpling and so on. In this lecture Choi will talk about several different types of Kimchi and how Koreans make and use Kimchi. She will also demonstrate how to make Kimchi. The Kimchi recipe is designed to be quick and easy to make, so you will try your hand at Korean cuisine!


Jia Choi developed a natural interest in food culture when she encountered the cultures of Brazil, Japan, and parts of Africa as a child. She began the work she is doing today out of the belief that the best way to share her values and knowledge about Korea with the world is through food. Since 2008, Choi has been the president of O'ngo Food Communications in Seoul. The company O'ngo means "revitalizing tradition though modernization". Reflecting this mission, Choi is engaged in researching and disseminating the ways in which traditional Korean food become quicker, easier, and more delicious to prepare and eat. Choi is an expert in Korean cuisine with a PH.D in food and nutrition from Ewha Women’s University.





YÉOL Hanok

Gahoe-dong 177-6, Jongno-Gu, Seoul

Subway line 3, Anguk station exit 2

Walking distance for 5 minutes from the station, or Bus number 2 and get off at Bukchon Hanok Village Don Mi Yakkook (Don Mi Pharmacy) Stop

-    There is no parking space, so the public transportation is highly recommended.


Date and Time

November 8th,2014(Sat)

9:30 A.M. to 12:00 P.M



10,000 Won (Sandwich & drink included)

* Donation receipt can be issued.

* Wire transfer to KEB a/c#631-000503-181 (YÉOL) or at the venue in cash



Limited 30 seats by registration


T: 02-745-5878

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