[LECTURE] 2014 May 'Walking lecture'작성일   2014-04-30

Kim Swoo Geun to Seung-H-Sang:

A Very Brief Tour of Modern Korean Architecture

Lecturer: Pai, Hyungmin, University of Seoul 



In this walking tour, we visit two iconic buildings of modern and contemporary Korean architecture: Kyungdong Church and Welcomm City. Kim Swoo Geun (1931-86) is the most important Korean architect of the past century and Kyungdong Church (1980-82) is the culmination of his later tendencies toward sculptural and humanist expression. Seung H-Sang (1951- ) is a disciple of Kim Swoo Geun and the most prominent architect now practicing in Korea. Welcomm City, the headquarters of the advertising company Welcomm, is a representative work of Seung’s mature practice, a period when he moves beyond the influence of Kim. The tour is high-lighted by a pipe-organ performance in the cavernous interior of Kyungdong Church. Participants are encouraged to read Sensuous Plan: The Architecture of Seung H-Sang (in both English and Korean, Dongnyok, 2007) authored by the tour leader Professor Pai Hyungmin.



Hyungmin Pai graduated from the Department of Architecture, and the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University. He received his Ph.D from the History, Theory, and Criticism program at MIT. Twice a Fulbright Scholar, he is presently a professor at the University of Seoul and Chair of the Mokchon Architecture Archive. He was a visiting scholar at MIT and London Metropolitan University and has taught and lectured internationally. His books include The Portfolio and the Diagram (MIT Press), Sensuous Plan: The Architecture of Seung H-Sang (Dongnyuk), and Key Concepts of Korean Architecture (Dongnyuk). For the Venice Biennale, he was a curator for the Korean Pavilion (2008), participant in the “Common Pavilion” project (2012), and is presently a curator for the 2014 Korean Pavilion. He was a curator for the Kim Swoo Geun exhibition at Aedes Gallery (Berlin, 2011), guest curator for Unknown Forces (Istanbul, 2013) and Head Curator for the 4th Gwangju Design Biennale(2011).  




Date and Time:

May 17, 2014 (Sat), 9:30am ~ 12:00pm


Meeting point:

Outside of exit 9 of Dongdaemun Yeoksamunhwa-gongwon (Dongdaemun History and Culture Park) subway station, Subway line 2, 4, 5 at 9:30am


 [Photo of exit 9 of Dongdaemun History and Culture Park station]


Contact information (Registration required):


T: 82-2-745-5878, 735-5878

F: 82-2-736-5878