[SEMU-YÉOL LECTURE] December 2019 Gaps in History: And a loss of gravity작성일   2019-11-20

[SEMU-YÉOL LECTURE] December 2019

Gaps in History: And a loss of gravity

(A lecture on acculturation and aesthetics by the artist Jin Meyerson)


Lecturer: Jin Meyerson

A Contemporary Painter


Every artist begins to make art as a process of discovery and defining themselves and the world they are in. It is in fact a process of becoming. The very first drawings I remember making allowed me to learn English, acclimate to American culture, and became a lifetime search for belonging. Because we cannot fully become unless we belong.

Through the privilege of fatherhood and a 20-year career in the global contemporary art world, I have a clear understanding of my blurred lines of heritage, the gaps in history and this loss of gravity which all of us face to some degree. It is the reason I began to make art, and it has allowed me to explore and express on a deeply personal level, the reverence of my unique identity as a small part of the Korean diaspora.

Korea with its vital, venerable and volatile history, sits perched at the precipice of the contemporary moment of its own becoming. It is a hot topic political and social place which the world looks to intently. While I spent 30 years away from the shores of my birth, I have come to understand and realize that my personal story and the adversities I face share a parallel relevance to the issues that Korea and the larger world faces to this day. 





Jin Meyerson was born Park Jin Ho sometime in 1972 and spent the first five years of his life in an orphanage in Incheon City. He has specific memories of his transition to the middle of America through adoption, though his story is not singular as over 200,000 Korean children have left Korea as adoptees.


* Featuring the premier of his video project “No Direction Home.”






Learning Room (1st floor), Seoul Museum of History

55 Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul


Date and Time

December 2, 2019 (Mon)

11:30 A.M. to 13:00 P.M



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