Support for Traditional Craftsmanship

With the aim of reflecting the value of traditional craft and creating sustainable crafts for the future, YÉOL supports various programs funding master artisans, YÉOL Artisan of the Year Award, YÉOL Young Craftsman of the Year, and Buyeo Culture Project.

  • Since 2013 YÉOL selects one master artisan who displays passion and commitment to traditional craftsmanship and systematically supports the award winner’s work from technical aspects to exhibition, promotion and sales support.
  • In 2013, YÉOL created the “YÉOL Young Craftsman of the Year” to recognize promising young craftsmen. The prize is aimed at expanding the field of craftsmanship by encouraging young talents to develop new perspectives on traditional craftsmanship, as well as exploring new applications.
  • YÉOL carried out a project to reinterpret traditional crafts of Buyeo, inspired by the Baekje dynasty. Based on extensive research by the students of the Department of Traditional Arts and Crafts of Korea National University of Cultural Heritage, YÉOL developed works that included ceramics, woodcraft and paintings that suit everyday life. YÉOL will continue to develop regional culture by encouraging the interaction between local people, students craftsmen, and designers.
  • From 2006 to 2012, YÉOL has endeavored to preserve our heritage by supporting the works and exhibitions of traditional craftsmen. Since 2013, YÉOL has continued to support master artisans through the ‘YÉOL Artisan of the Year Award’ and through ‘YÉOL Young Craftsman of the Year’ projects.
  • Since 2013 YÉOL created a disintermediated marketplace for honest retailing, where young designers and artisans can offer their wares at reasonable prices.
  • For Korean craftsmanship’s brighter future, a portion of the contributions raised annually for YÉOL is donated to the scholarship fund for students at the Korea National University of Cultural Heritage Since 2011.