Greetings from the Chair

Befriending Our Cultural Heritage

In the mid-1990s, as I would guide guests from abroad visiting Korea, I remember feeling disappointed by the quality of information signs at our cultural heritage sites. YÉOL, the Korean Heritage Preservation Society, started out with a modest goal of improving and beautifying the signage of cultural sites. YÉOL has grown through the enthusiastic participation of many who support the aspiration and ideals embodied in the meaning behind YÉOL (例, 藝, 譽 and 兀).

YÉOL supports a range of conservation efforts, such as the preservation of the Ulju Bangudae Petroglyphs and restoration of the Royal Altar of Sajikdan. It has supported traditional artisans since 2006, and continues to collaborate with master artisans and aspiring young craftsmen through the YÉOL Artisan of the Year Award, Young Craftsman Award and “Buyeo, Sprouting of Regional Arts and Culture” project to create a new tradition inspired by the old.

One of YÉOL’s key priorities is raising awareness of our cultural heritage. We believe in the saying, “To love is better than to know, but to enjoy is better than to love.” Our field trips to heritage sites as well as the educational programs help us rediscover and enjoy our cultural heritage.

Since 2003, the YÉOL Lecture Series in English has been a valuable tool for both foreigners residing in Korea and English-speaking Koreans interested in befriending Korean culture.

I would like to invite you to enjoy our cultural heritage by cherishing, feeling, and immersing yourself in the precious treasures bequeathed upon us by our ancestors. It will enchant you. Please join us in this journey.

YÉOL Korean Heritage Preservation Society

Kim Young M’Young
YÉOL Korean Heritage Preservation Society